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We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  We are a breed specific, foster home and ALL volunteer based rescue. We service the Midwest States: WI, IA, IL, IN, MI, and MO. Our goal is to place this beautiful breed in the right homes that match their needs and wants and vice versa. As a not for profit organization, raising funds for rescue, fostering, volunteering, transporting, evaluating, training, medical care and prevention is vital to our success. 

Our mission is to rescue Australian Shepherds and other working breeds from abuse, neglect, strays, and owners in dire need of rehoming.  MASR will support our local communities in educating adults and children for the betterment of these working breeds in the areas of veterinary care, socialization, mental and physical exercise, to use force free and positive reinforcement training, and build relationships with their furry family members. 

“Saving people, one dog at a time.”  is our motto! We would like our dogs to bring joy, love and laughter to the human that adopts them. 

We will always need support financially because we are a 501c3 and make no revenue with our dogs. We will always need help with medical costs for everything from spays and neuters to monthly prevention!  If you are willing to be an Aussie Angel, click on our donation link below. 


Or you can send a check via snail mail to:

Midwest Australian Shepherd Rescue 4814 Patty Ln. Ringwood, IL 60072

Our Top Dogs:

Amy Pieniazkiewicz-Grude has been doing rescue work since 2010. She is owned by 3 Aussies and a Border Collie. Her kids are named, Tootsie, Lace, Linkin and Forest. She has a red merle named Oz waiting at the rainbow bridge for her and he is the reason she is a rescuer. She is married to her best friend Marc and lives in Northern IL. 

Karen Kramel-Kammerich has been doing rescue work since 2011. She was owned by Katy, an epileptic stunning blue merle girl who is waiting for her at the rainbow bridge. She is also owned by a young blue merle Aussie named Captain who came into rescue with his litter mates because the Amish puppy brokers were closed. She is also married to her best friend Wayne. She lives in central MO. 

Meet Tracy Bowles.  She is our Director of Microchips and Safety. Tracy is owned by Annie, a gorgeous red merle that was a stray. She and her significant other, Joe, also have Tanner, a beautiful blue merle who is also a rescue. They live in North Central IL. Her Aussie Brody is waiting for her at the rainbow bridge.  

Meet Heather Graf. Heather is our Director of Applications. She is owned by Lily Mae; a stunning black tri. She and her rescued sidekick, Lily Mae live in Kentucky, but she was born and raised in Illinois. Heather is newer to rescue work, but has a HUGE passion for it!  

Meet Kara Johnson.  Kara is our Director of Communications.  She is owned by Boomer the blue merle Aussie and Blue, the female Sheepadoodle.  Kara and her furbabies reside in Michigan.  

Meet Amy Cohen.  Amy is our Vet Relations Coordinator.  Amy is loved by her three sons, Cassidy, Cayden, and Cameron.  Amy is owned by her furbabies, Star, Lemon, Lizzie, Cali and Dali.  Amy and all her 2 and 4 legged children live in Gurnee IL.